Philosophy of

This category, "Philosophy of", is in a sense a miscellaneous category, for any branch of philosophy that tackles epistemological issues uniquely underpinning the methods or object of given other fields, particularly fields from the sciences. It also seeks to examine the metaphysical assumptions implicit in how quantitative, formal predictive models are interpreted and described, especially given they may involve a degree of self-reference, and how this can accidentally exaggerate the implications of a theory or model from a non-philosophical field and inappropriately expand the territory of that field's method to claims that are not able to be assessed by methods within the field. "Philosophies of" also marshall scientific data for philosophical arguments that rely on concrete inductive premises or which demonstrate some philosophical system's inconsistency with the aforementioned models provided those models are conceptually intuitive and have already been given epistemic warrant. It also concerns itself with the ways in which scientist may wish to organize that data or information.