Cultural Studies

Cultural studies is the analysis of culture--or an interlocking set of societal values and socially-mediated beliefs--drawing upon empirical research, political theory, social philosophy, and anthropoloy, with a focus on cultural or ethnic practices related to systems of power operating through or involved in other social phenomena. Ambiguity regarding cultural studies´ object of analysis arises from difficulties in specifying non-overlapping areas between cultural phenomena and other kinds of phenomena. At the very least, the usual entry point of discussion about any sort of phenomena for cultural studies is any piece or set of pieces of material culture. That is to say, artifacts or otherwise "non-instrumental" products of a particular society that gives insights either into the kinds of social projects or methods predominantly undertaken by the given society, or the competing and interrelated value professions and normative perspectives on social practices of the members of the society itself. In addition, insights into the relationship between values or professed values and those social practices. Consequently, cultural studies is a source of theory that also happens to be useful for praxis.